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Its Dusshera, and the country is mercilessly going to put the man with the ten heads along with two men from his kin on fire. See, putting people on fire is our form of crucification . You might even argue it is equivalent to lynching if not crucifying. For the nobel must be crucified and the evil must be lynched. But we’ve moved on to the electric chairs, for now.

But for now, Burn Ravan Burn

As much as the air pollution it causes, people view Dusshera as the triumph of the righteous virtuous Ram over the evil Ravan.

The short of it is, Ravan abducted Ram’s boo Sita only after Laxman (Ram’s loyal brother) cut off Ravan’s sister’s, Supankha’s nose while she was trying to seduce him. Bitch please, even though I find it kinda sexist that he would try to get even with Ram by taking it out on Sita, atleast he was an awesome brother.



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