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ImageI recently, and by recently I mean this afternoon, watched this movie,(Foreign Student, Eva Sereny, 1994), the protagonist Philip is a foreign student from France, who comes to America on a fellowship and falls in love with April, an African woman. As the movie is set in 1955, he goes thru somewhat of a forbidden interracial love, which is funny because it is still forbidden in this day and age. Being that it is 1955 the black and the whites community down south are very segregated, he is warned not to get himself entangled with a colored girl. But in the end he realizes his love for April is just something he can look back at, and it is doomed. It is, what it is.   

I am an international student, in a state school I am somewhat of a rare breed, everywhere I go they want to know how back home is like, how do I feel here, would I stay here or go back? By my third year they even forgot that I am not from here, that I am a foreigner. My friends back home think I am brave to take on this. Yes, it was one hell of an adventure. But lucky are those who have all their friends and their family in one place. 

As an international student, I feel most at home on airports, it gives me a calm, I am not here and I am not there, I am in transition, I look at everything differently, you could call me lost in translation. I have had amazing friends to talk about, great experiences, I am allowed everything, the language, the culture the awe, the flings, the hookups. But Love? Nope

As an international student, you can’t fall in love and nobody will fall in love with you. And you will look around in envy when you see lesser mortals succeeding in love but not you. When and if you fall in love with someone who is not from your race, you will be told “why can’t you find someone in your own race” friends won’t support, family will rejoice and say “god sent some sense to your head” when you breakup, hell you would doubt it a million times too.

When you are a foreign student, you have everything but love. You long to see all your loved ones at once place, but you know that can never happen, you know once you leave your friends will graduate and be in different countries, and it is never going to be the same. When you are a foreign student, your home doesn’t leave your heart and your heart doesn’t leave here. You just don’t know what to do with yourself.


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Its 2am, and you are working on that assignment and suddenly you get a call from a casual acquaintance, “apparently he is watching a movie by himself, and you should join” , well, alrite. Booty Call Alert. How do I know it was a booty call, well the urban dictionary defines it as a call made after 1 am, I got mine at one-thirtyish.

How do you reply? do you take the high righteous road and let this guy know that you aren’t loose like that, and maybe he should go someplace else for his exotic tasting needs, or do you actually receive it as a compliment and let it be, however the goal here is to refuse, not because you wanna seem hard to get, but simply because you don’t wanna be in that place. I however took the middle road, politely told him that I was busy, he ofcourse says come after you are done, I say I think am never gonna be done-well thats a pure lie, I am almost done. But since I don’t want to make a huge deal out of it, I politely ward it off. Lets see if he gets the message. I sign off saying have fun.

So did he call me a bitch? I am wondering, but the next moment am thinking, that I am pretty sure that he is onto some other girl letting her know how he is watching that movie all by himself and that she should join.

College and boys, and women too. I refuse to call them men because only a few of them act like men. And here I won’t be a sexist, I also refuse to call these women ladies. But everyone seems to be here for fun, hanging out is almost a synonym for hooking up, and trust me I find that sad.

So really getting to the gist of it all, are booty calls curses or are they compliments? Ofcourse the guy thought you are attractive enough, but he also thought of you as loose.

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Not having a job-security after four years of grilling and torture (Thank-you Uncle Sam)

Dear Uncle Sam..

I came to your country, not in search of garden jobs but to get a truly international education (now what is wrong with that?) I understood your culture and your people, your couture too, I adopted your methods and even took the freshman 8 (freshman 15 is a myth!) my daddy, I will confess is kinda sorta rich, so you know am not here to take your jobs away. I pay double the green for the same education (whatever happened to those principles about education and learning and stuff!) Anway, I pay big, I study hard, I live in shitty conditions here ( I am not going to be sorry for having the good life back home) -for what? an international education, to become a global citizen.

Yes you do help me achieve that global exposure, and I won’t even underestimate the exposure I get here, the experiences and the good times (read parties and such), you might argue that I do get the value for my green.

But really, I too have brought the global perspective on the table, it is also because me that the discussions are robust in classrooms and you get to boast about the percentage of internationals on your glossy brochures and-please never underestimate the revenues you get from me and my alikes.

You get me grilled, for four years, prepare me like your own citizens, I pay more than double the price and in-spite of having a superb GPA, amazing extra-curricular, outstanding leadership qualities and an amazing demonstration of adaptability, plus a knack of being able to party with pretty much anyone. I DO NOT GET A GODDAMN REPUTABLE INTERNSHIP?

No really, and seriously. I understand your Dear Obama wants to pass the health reform bill, has bailed out companies but now now how can you anger your own investors? We bring some-we take some, all am asking for is two years of experience from a job market I was trained for.


Truly Distressed

an international student

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451 because the professor is a BITCH (yes there its is, I said it) Never in my whole college career have I actually accused anyone of their bitchiness, and trust me I have lived among sorority girls, and women who would promise to vote for you and didn’t end up even nominating you to cousins and aunts who have actually gone behind my back and majorly attacked my chastity, when I was a daisy! ..well well, I always never payed much attention to them, simply because they really never did affect me in any way. But, today my grade is at stake, and the reason is a bitch of a professor! oh-my-god, the woman is insane and she thinks shes too good for an undergraduate class, don’t ever expect a straight answer from this one. She expects you to know stuff you can’t even imagine and speaks in sucha-matter of fact way that its unbelievable, even if I overlook her wrong spellings on board and broken english  I still don’t get the gist of this subject. I read the textbook, and go thru the class notes. I really don’t know what to do now, its four weeks to finals and I am fucked!

Being Single (Yes yes it sucks and I will admit it) Ohk, so as my one of the best friends once claimed, this is the land of the ‘laidom’ that is if you can’t get laid here in america specially at college, chances are bleak anywhere else, but well if you choose not to get laid, thats a whole different spectrum all together. I am a member of the in-between category. Getting action is easy here. But a meaningful  relationship? well thats not even in my distant sight right now. Men who like you, either like you for the curve of your ass or the blossoms of your boobs, its a little pathetic if you may ask. Sometimes I really feel I am reduced to just that, and it is indeed sad. But wait a minute, before I just point fingers I must acknowledge my own short-comings of being the perfect platonic person. I can swear by this one, I have the capability of turning the most turned on man and dumping him on cold ground with a THUD! I really don’t know why I do this, but I do it. Maybe its my own insecurity of not being liked for anything else but my certain physical aspects that makes me does that, yet the net result is that am single and it sucks. It sucks when the guy is read to hold you in his arms but is not going to be there for you, it sucks that hes smelling your hair only because its turning him on and not because he loves you, it sucks because I cannot take him to my daddy and say “Look papa hes the one”

Not having a job-security after four years of grilling and torture (Thank-you Uncle Sam)

-seriously, read the next one!

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