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2 States, is a beautiful movie about cross cultural love and laughable north-south stereotypes. This movie will receive mixed reviews and a love-hate. For anyone who has ever been in love/relationship with anyone besides their own race and religion or just someone who speaks a different regional language, this movie will make more sense.

The story line is spectacular and loosely based on the writer, Chetan Bhagat’s own love story. In India as they say, it is not just important for two people to be in love with each other to get married, it is important that not only their respective parents approve off their choice in a significant other, but also should like that significant other’s family. The Big Fat Indian wedding and beyond, is about a marriage between two households. One can never make the mistake of generalizing India, there are and will be too many Indias within India, yet Love marriage although with time has gotten more acceptance, it still faces it’s share of struggles because the camp that is on the side of Arranged marriages will always struggle with the idea of their own child finding someone without their permission, or in these cases finding someone different.

Alia Bhatt is truly an actress class aparte, Ronit Roy is apt for the angry distanced punjabi father, Revathy is as graceful as ever, Arjun Kapoor is a great actor who plays a love-sick-family-harassed-caught-in-between-the-love-of-his-life-and-his-mother-punjabi-boy and I love him, Amrita Singh and Shiv Kumar Subramaniam also play their parts well. Although, Amrita Singh’s performance is so at par with her character, it is so hard to tell whether she is not playing herself. If anything, she should get an award for the best supporting actress in the lot. 2-states-new-poster-movie-stills 

The movie starts with Krish sitting at a therapist’s office, oh the perils of love and the toll it takes over you… So the whole movie is from his perspective. You’d think that since he is sitting in a therapist’s office something tragic will unfold, which it briefly does, but as they say in Indian cinema and life, it is all well in the end. Since it’s based of a true story, I can’t even roll my eyes and say “ugh movies”. Hey who said fairy tales didn’t come true. And that people didn’t fight for love.

I am not the best judge of movies where I somehow resonate with the protagonist, because I am rooting for him, and because I see myself in him, it takes away from my cinematic experience and I am sucked into my own parallel emotional monologue of sorts.

My first ahan moment in the movie was when Krish’s very punjabi mother (Amrita Singh) asks her son in what language should she talk to his girlfriend’s parents (them being Tamil and her being Punjabi) and even though they have Hindi and English in common, the very punjabi mother makes her point. (Oh I can completely resonate)

Ohh well, the punjabi stereotypes weren’t far off the mark in this movie. And neither were the Tamilian stereotypes. They were not all true for every punjabi and every tamil you will come across, but as they say its nothing better than laughing at your own-self. I had a lot of moments in the movie where I could totally point at my mother and say “you’d pakka sai do this”

There are other moments in the movie, for example when Krish insists that Alia’s parents not talk in Tamil, as he doesn’t understand it, and her father retorts back that maybe he should learn Tamil. Or even Krish’s description of Ananya’s family and home, his overbearing maternal aunt who wants to show him other girls even after he has told his family about Ananya, the punjabis calling every south Indian, Madrasi and being boastful and proud about their fair skins while Ananya’s parents being proud-of-their-music-dance kind of people who consider all north Indians uncultured, are subtle but true indicators of cultural differences and the little difficulties of a love marriage endured in India.

For those of you who wished Alia Bhatt completed her education before she continues her acting, you’ve got your wish! she’s playing Ananya at IIM-Ahmedabad. I haven’t seen her previous movies, but oh how perfect she’s at IIM right after being in Student of the Year (yes, maybe an idiotic only name based correlation, but whatever) 

Krish, the IIT graduate and now in IIM guy who actually wants to be a writer is played by Arjun Kapoor. Arjun Kapoor, I find you stunning, idk what it is about chiseled jaws, big lips, those kind of eyes and ofcourse the character you play in the movie. But more on that for another post (maybe). Thank you Arjun Kapoor, for playing Krish, you resonate with like half of India who is either forced to read Economics, study Engineering or become Doctors at college, but secretly are artists at heart. Don’t worry, like you we will also go ahead and study for our CATs and GMATs and get into B-Schools nevertheless. And more importantly I resonate with you. That is why I vouch for you, Krish. 

4.5/5 from me. (haha, as if that mattered)


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The show of the hour is, How I Met Your Mother. Ahem the grand finale! And while the internet is erupting with fuming fans, and my facebook newsfeed is on fire. (People are threatening to trash their whole 9-season dvd collections) The finale is said to have more twists and turns than the whole nine seasons put together. I loved the Finale. And proceed with caution: this post has major spoilers. 


I will tell you why I absolutely loved it. I loved it because I am a very firm believer of whatever is meant to be always finds its way. When the kids say, Dad this is not the story about how you meet our mom, it is about how much you love Aunt Robin.

My heart melted.

Yes, they had a very messy relationship.

Yes Robin went off and got married to Barney, and Ted finally met the mother. But come to think of it, Robin always wanted her career and Ted always wanted children, children Robin could never possibly have. In the finale, when Ted shows up at her door with the blue horn again. They both have had what they wanted from their lives, and now they have each other. Yes, roll your eyes and smack the floor, and say why are they back together for the nth time. But maybe, just maybe some things are meant to be. I mean, aren’t we all aware of real life love-stories like that? I know a couple of them personally.

Even after her divorce, and her just touring around the world, him being in a live-in relationship with the mother and later married, two kids and a sickness later that leads upto her death. Robin and Ted are back together. And why not? I always vouched for them. Yes, I absolutely loved Tracey (the mother) and no I am not glad the woman we were all chasing for nine freaking years had been dead all along. But wasn’t Ted the one to dig up Robin’s locket? Wasn’t he the one to be always there? Barney was never right for Robin. The mother? for Ted? yes, a guy like Ted, is a hopeless romantic. But he loves Robin. And Robin loves him. Why else would he plan on moving to Chicago, right after the season long Barney and Robin wedding?

I love how the show ends, because it doesn’t give the unrealistic expectation for love majority of silver and golden screens have imparted to us. “Because fairy tales aren’t real and life is messy and it doesn’t always work out the way you planned. Things happen.”

Even if we come to the same point, after going a whole circle, it is still worth it. Atleast we went the distance. Sometimes going the distance makes us realize how much we want certain things, and lets us encompass other stuff into our life.

I, personally couldn’t have asked for a better finale. Everyone got what they were true to, Barney is divorced but has a love girl-child, he finally understand what it is to love a girl completely, Marhsall and Lily are three kids later back in New York from Rome and Marshall is a Judge, something he gave up for Lily’s dreams earlier. Ted is a widower with two kids, ready to date Robin again. And Robin, is a famous journalist.

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This 1961, Audery Hepburn film has been reviewed and viewed more than the total breaths I might have taken in my life. Yet, last night I saw it for the very first time. You’d think in my 24 years of existence, how could I have missed this classic, but what do I say, except, such little time and too much art to consume. Breakfast at Tiffany's 1

This movie is a classic. And if you have ever studied even elementary cinema at college or such, you will know when a movie is called a classic it means, it belongs to a genre where, in the end it will all make sense. The lady finally accepts and sees the true love she’s offered, finds the cat she had let go off, and all is well with the world (aaah, just the type of movies I would gladly remove from my future children’s cinema curriculum). Classics answer all questions posed in the movie, they reassure us. Hence, they are also well and universally most liked.

Although I have never given myself a chance to watch other Blake Edwards works, except for the marvelous Victor Victoria (1982) a quick search on the internet tells me he was one of the most prolific comedy hollywood directors. Surprisingly he was also very suicidal. But these are posts for another day.

I love the craft, uhh, well no doubts there, this movie has won countless awards. But I do have a problem with the storyline. Audery Hepburn is Holly, and Holly is a phony, she lives a very convoluted lifestyle, she refuses to name her cat (what?) okay okay, she is a dreamer, a self proclaimed wild thing, oh no no, that’s just her excuse to gold-dig, she is going from one seemingly rich man to another. She just wants to climb up the social ladder, and girlfriend, I have no problems with that! She is wearing all the beautiful hats and great suits. She is ignoring the man who is so much in love with her, that he is there every step of the way, and even in the end, it looks like she is settling for him. Oh no, wait, she does “settle” for him! Holly is a jerk. She is shown helpless and fragile, but she is actually just, how do I put it nicely, but cray cray. She is the jerk who has successfully propagandized the idea to young women, who now long for a man to save the day. Wait, she doesn’t even have a job!

I do love how older movies don’t actually show any racy scenes that adorn our silver screens today. I like how tons is left upto our sweet imagination. I also do realize that Audery Hepburn is an icon unparalleled (yes, I do happen to know books being written about her style and such).

I see a lot(not all) of young girls dotting over this movie, yes, a social class per say, a wannabe social class, will admit to “OMG I love Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, without really knowing that just because the title has Tiffany’s in it does not indicate wealth and abundance. Breakfast at Tiffany’s does not make my favorite movie list in terms of a storyline.

It is a hollywood classic. But will I watch it again? I don’t think so. Will I watch other Audery Hepburn movies, yes. Other Blake Edwards films? ofcourse yes.

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I have friends who are starting new businesses, portfolios and even movies. They all have varied interests, and they all come from different backgrounds. Yet, most of them have one thing in common, they all want me to like their pages on facebook. And I know, I am not the only one they pursue. There are plenty they chase too.

And I mean really?

Not just their pages, but pages of people who are their relatives by marriage! 

Friend: Hey are u still outta FB?

Me: yup, why?

Friend: wanted u to like a page.. my bro in law is making a movie 😛 but any way

Me: Ahan

Although I end at “ahan” what I really really mean is, pretty please don’t do this to me. Yes, I know my one like doesn’t make or break you. But I really maybe don’t like it. Heck I don’t even know what your soon to be very lucky brother-in-law is about to make in the name of a movie. And what do I say? maybe I am a very conceited cinephile? Or atleast let me watch it first to like it and recommend it later?

Then come the party promoters. Who want you to invite everyone on your list to the ladies wednesday nights. No thank-you! The music makers. No I do not understand your shred! I really can’t even tell good from better, or your best work from your worst tracks. And you want me to follow you around and get mindless group updates?-that I never actually check. Not only that, first you make me like your page, and then ask me my opinion on something I honestly have no clue about. 

Same goes for some girl-friends, some too shameful to ask for likes on their pictures! “Hey, can you like my profile picture on facebook?”

Really? No, seriously. Really?

How can you stoop that low?
Like.. like.. no man!
Now, when you don’t like the aforesaid content requested by all these people above, not only do you feel guilty and a half-assed “friend”, you actually feel like an asshole.

If you checked the history of my facebook likes, I am also guilty of liking one too many wedding pictures and baby pictures, as a way of saying “congratulations” when in all honesty, knowing atleast one of the two people getting married, I am aware it is an absolutely ridiculous idea. But I will like it. Sometimes I will like a friend’s couple’s picture even when the relationship is only going in one direction, and thats down south. Yes, yes, just to make their girlfriends happy. 

The worst of all of this is the RIP Grandma statuses, with some 187 likes? I don’t know what to do when situations like that arises. Is this a dark popularity contest? I mean how morbid is this? Whose dead grandma got the most likes and comments? I don’t even know how to react to those, but send in a personal message to the one who made the status offering support and condolences ie if I know them like that. Alrite, I understand facebook like any other social media is often used to inform and update people in one go. But I do not understand the like phenomena.

I am guilty and charged. I am guilty of liking the FB pages of the books written by professors I never read, but who are just handsome unattainable men. I am guilty of liking kids I honestly don’t find cute, but I know their parents do, like all parents do. Or even wedding pictures that are guaranteed to fall apart within years if not months. No, I don’t wish them bad. Couple’s pictures that are just liked to calm down edgy jealous girlfriends. Yes I do this and more.
But what I do more than anything else these days is, stay away from Facebook. 

Because I figured, the best way to not lie is not be around a like beggar. 


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Because the way to my heart, is thru my ears.

Let the east meet the west, let the north and south mate. Let them all find each other and create more great music. Lets create an orgy of musical pleasure. It has all finally happened.

Most of these tracks are refined and fresh, something like none other. Artists are using their own expertise and giving the audience a much needed wosh of fresh air. Specialize and collaborate, let music be about the instruments and not just men and women dancing around trees talking about the same old feelings. This is not easy music, this can’t even be classified, memorized, or even mimicked, it will get to you in different ways at different times. This is truly great music. Thus is any great piece of art.

India is a land of many people, languages, and a lot of different music gharanas within one genre and then some. Haven trained in hindustani classical music as a kid, I cannot even begin to phanthom the type of stuff that would have come out of those music classes had we been exposed to all the sounds of India. Gangs of Wassepur’s Hunter was one of the songs where the chutney and the bihari folk’s fusion really shone thru, not only the movie saw a sequel and much appreciation from the critiques, but the songs also officially marked a new turn in music. A birth of sorts.

MTV’s Coke Studio has done all of us a huge favor. We really have done ourself a huge favor by bridging the communication gap and letting different people from different backgrounds fuse and make great music. Now we have it all, we have sufi with bihari, hindustani with kanad.

I think this one is powerful sounds.

The reason I love “kattey” is but obvious, it is a collaboration of the outlaws, two people who would have never meet and made music, just did. Your head will explode. The music composer retains the essence of both of these women. THIS.IS.SPLENDID

(yes, I did save the best for the last)
Yes, I have been rocking back and forward
Yes, there is a concert in my ears

and why yes, I almost cried when I heard verse 2 of Hard Kaur’s Rap

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If people look at the indian film industry and still think that we are still dancing around tress and our movies are very musical, they must clear their visions. With movies like Madhur Bhandarkar’s Page 3, Homi Adajania’s Being Cyrus, Vishal Bhardwaj’s Nishabd or even Omkara, Chini Kum, not to miss Black etc arriving long ago, we had stepped up our game. But today indian small screen, aka the silver screen has also graduated to the next level. With silent comedy show, such as Gutur Gu aired on Sony SAB. As I was browsing thru channels, I came across this silly comedy playing, and I soon realized it was silent, ie silent of only dialogues.

At first what seems like an Indian Mr. Bean, one soon realizes the show has more content to it. A wikipedia search will let you know that its a show based on a character called “Balu a simple, innocent and super enthusiastic person who stays with his family consisting of his wife, parents and his grandmother. Each member of the family has an interesting role to play, right from being a television addict grandmother to a manipulative and demanding wife.”

But I was just amazed to see that how we are progressing, and although I wouldn’t give the show a high rating, yet the concept is good, and we are getting there.

Until next time, for better viewing.

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It is the new fad, I will not understand, and I refused to keep my eyes closed for a longer time. Here it is, in your face and you can’t help but observe and mock the shit out of your own psychology. Our sexual behavior is subject to fashion.

So what is it with men, liking woman on woman action? well my friend replied: “its as simple, two naked women!”

ok, alrite. Got it.

So what is it with anal sex? No answer there, its common knowledge among the students of sexuality and the experienced that it is supposed to be painful for both the sexes. I can draw its origin from gay inter-relations. And I will quiet understand the need there. But really? anal sex between a man and a woman? when both find it painful. But ask a comfortable couple, if they aren’t too bashful they will let you know that they did try.

Another new syndrome, perfectly straight women acting gay. At some point all of us have, I have! It may vary from jokingly saying that you are a lesbian when you are clearly otherwise to even going as far as making out with another girl. Just to test waters, some say. But really, its happening because everyone is doing it. There is no way a straight girl can derive pleasure from kissing another girl, chemically biologically it is not possible. And it doesn’t happen.

So what is my point really? My point is, that these sexual acts, besides being sexual in nature are happening because they are in fashion. They are happening everywhere and hence they happen. From a pure anthropological point of view, by evolution what is anal sex really fetching us? It is not increasing the reproductive success of the either sex, nor is it increasing fitness(survival). But well, people might also argue that by the same standards gays and lesbians can’t exist, because they aren’t also conclusively contributing to their own reproductive success. But, studies show that gay people do demonstrate altruistic  behavior towards their straight counterparts and in many human societies help raise children. A counter-argument there is, that we all know “gay-genes” exist and so do CAH-chromosomes, some people are known to have extra pair of X chromosomes. And although these alleles/ genes don’t contribute to the reproductive success, they got carried down because of naturalistic fallacy. Naturalistic fallacy, is a condition where traits that do not directly contribute to the reproductive success of an organism also get carried down. eg. Gay gene OR traits that are bad, such as those of rape etc. Some people aruge, that rape is learned, while others argue that it is inherent (and thats a whole different blog-post)

Coming back to the point, if you have observed a group of men, you will observe a very peculiar thing, firstly men gather because of common interests, their interactions-later friendships develop after activities, while in women its quiet the opposite. In women, generally friendship and emotional bonding comes before activities. Not that am saying one is better than the other, yet this does dictate our conduct. Consider the following scenerio, an averagely hot woman walks in, there is a group of males sitting, trust me, even if two out of them agree that she is extremely hot, they will convince the other thirty, if not fully that she is extremely hot. Its almost like a nuclear chain reaction. Similarly, woman on woman action is an acquired taste. And so is anal sex. Although on some levels i feel that the men’s need to contest competition has also contributed to the widespread anal sex.

Sexuality is fashion. And its not something new, its been there forever. Like our choices in cars, couture, and caviar comes from fashion, so does our art of love making. We convince ourselves, that some acts get our libido levels rising.

Our own minds, are the easiest to fondle with. I’ll leave this to that.

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