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A ginger in time, saves nine. Nine tylenols, or any painkillers you water down.

After almost a decade of getting it wrong, after a decade of excruciating sweating leg shaking pain, with too much blood loss. I may have finally gotten it right. 

Ginger, eat ’em ginger. Do regular yoga. Nobody trains for the marathon while the marathon is on right? So no, you don’t just snack on raw ginger while you are on your period, you do this all month long. Sporadically or non-sporadically, upto you. But don’t loose touch with that ginger in you and that ginger in your consumption. 

I did it almost unknowingly, my brother was back from college, and this kid has a thing for ginger, he snacks on it too much, and hanging around him I started snacking on raw ginger as well. Raw, as in peeled and cut, ofcourse. Please don’t try bitting it like you’d bite an apple. All asian cultures have a ginger side dish/relish. If you can’t eat raw ginger, there are too many options to choose from. My personal favorite, ginger with lime, soaked overnight in the refrigerator.

And vollaa my PMS this month was so minuscule, and my period was so smooth (touch wood) the only thing I had done differently in this past month was regular yoga and ginger. I had access to yoga even while in college, yet the cramps and the bitchiness around my period days were still unbearable if not that bad. This time though, ginger must be the magic trick! 

After almost a decade of inconsolable pain, yes, inconsolable. Making me hate womanhood, and resenting every man around for getting to be a man every time I got my period. Being on the floor curled up, and sweating, downing a dozen tylenols, might I say I only took two tablets, on my first day and after that it was a smooth breeze. I have always experienced too much blood loss, and turning pale resultant of the low-iron levels during my menstruation. Might I say Ginger has deffi solved my problems. 

Try it!  

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