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When a white man shoots dead 20 kids and more, he’s just a maniac and he needs help, when a darker than white man creates a menace, no it can’t even be domestic, it is international terrorism. If you need a good rate on that mortgage drag a white friend to the bank with you. “It is what it is”. And even when Asians and Pacific Islanders smoke more than anyone, a black man will be stopped on the highway for a random search. Two arabs will be pulled out of an airplane because they are conversing in arabic. And numerous others sent down to Guantanamo Bay on a slight whim, then, never to be released again, to be tortured, even when the best scholars have claimed that torture does not work! Because why yes its okay to turn a witness into a suspect, because his facebook timeline(public) has “anti-american” people on it. Because he is a Saudi national!


On Monday April 15th, there were two bombings during a marathon in Boston. My heart goes out to the three people dead, their familes, the victims and their families. I salute the runners who even after witnessing such a menace went ahead and donated blood for those in need. I am thankful that my friends and family are all safe. 

But what is this justice? How do you turn a saudi national into a “person of interest” based on his facebook profile? Why does whenever anything happens here in america, the first people blamed are muslims? It could be anyone, anybody with a few skills and a motive! 

How is President Obama even sure that it is an act of terrorism? When airport officials are feeling up even the crotch areas of passengers for explosives. And those superb radiation infused search machines? Making travelling internationally a tormenting experience. How is assumed that it is an act of a person of a darker skin, and even then how is it suspected that it is from the outside and not the inside.

And okay, even if it is from the outside of the country, even then, how can a victim be further victimized like this? 

And even now, when he has been removed from being a suspect, why is he being deported? Deported on the grounds of “security and related grounds”. And where is he being deported to? Cute old Cuba? This man could have a life here, how can he be just uprooted on the basis of suspicion? Have you ever read poems from the detainees of Guantanamo? do you even know how it might feel like to live with a permanent stain on your character? to be tormented and tortured for they suspected? And then when you didn’t turn out to be the villan, they just shrug and leave?

It is a fucking life too! Why turn them into walking corpses?

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I was looking for a soldier’s poem titled “Wait For me” when I stumbled on this …

Wait For Me by Sabrina Child
I know so little about you,
But I’m falling in love with you.
I have been since the day we met.
When your eyes met mine
My heart stopped on the dime.
When you sent a smile my way
My troubles allayed.
It was so unexpected
When our lips connected.
Our hearts entwined
As our bodies intertwined.
Remembering your warm embrace
Brings tears to this delicate face.
It took all my might
Not to leave with you that night.
You said you’d take me far away
From tears, fears, pain
And this sick twisted game.
You said you were serious,
I still think you were delirious.
Looking up at the sky
I still ask myself “why”
I really wanted us to work
The day I ended it my heart broke.
Maybe one day we will once again be
As the days pass I will wish and pray
That you will wait for me.

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Wait for me, and I’ll come back!
Wait with all you’ve got!
Wait, when dreary yellow rains
Tell you, you should not.
Wait when snow is falling fast,
Wait when summer’s hot,
Wait when yesterdays are past,
Others are forgot.
Wait, when from that far-off place,
Letters don’t arrive.
Wait, when those with whom you wait
Doubt if I’m alive.

Wait for me, and I’ll come back!
Wait in patience yet
When they tell you off by heart
That you should forget.
Even when my dearest ones
Say that I am lost,
Even when my friends give up,
Sit and count the cost,
Drink a glass of bitter wine
To the fallen friend –
Wait! And do not drink with them!
Wait until the end!

Wait for me and I’ll come back,
Dodging every fate!
“What a bit of luck!” they’ll say,
Those that did not wait.
They will never understand
How amidst the strife,
By your waiting for me, dear,
You had saved my life.
How I made it, we shall know,
Only you and I.
You alone knew how to wait –
We alone know why!

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il laboratorio del gelato

Address: 188 Ludlow St
(between Houston St & Stanton St)
New York, NY 10002 (Lower east Side)

ImageOf all the gelato I have and I ever will taste, unless ofcourse I go visit Italia this was the richest. I stumbled on this place while walking towards Soho, on a beautiful weathered new york afternoon. And wo-ho just my luck, approx 575 people on yelp have reviewed this place and star studded it.  Without furthering boasting on and on about how I just happen to stumble on the best food places and people. 

I should go ahead and tell you, try their basil and green tea flavored gelato.

The pussy I am with these “experimental” flavors, I also picked my safe “salted caramel” flavor. The place allows only upto two tasters (which I think is unfair) I came back and read the reviews online only to figure out that I missed out on Turkish Fig and Thyme, next time.

But Basil was pleasantly surprising, refreshing, light and well basily, so was green tea. I absolutely loved it. Priced normally(4.25$ for the smallest/two scoops), the portions by American standards are a bit small. I don’t mind it.

Will head back soon.

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Nobody hugs a cactus, not even those tree hugging environmentalists

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I love love love fusion food, and new innovations in food. Micro-greens is this new phenomena, and with summer around the corner(although you can grow them all year round, I just say summer, because thats when I feel like doing some gardening) I feel like planting these little beasts.

Usually really expensive (like a hundred bucks for a pound! in your posh farmer’s market) they are super foods, very few places actually serve them, but they taste awesome. They are the caviar for us vegetarians. They have a really intense flavor and are usually used as garnishing. Nevertheless I am excited and waiting on my kit.

So here’s the skinny on ’em

approx 118 varieties
grown all year long
really expensive
packed with nutrients
beautiful aromas

health benefits you ask? maybe 40 times more than mature plants!
They may be called micro greens, but they come in many colors. Having recently rediscovered them again, and by recently I mean this weekend, these are superbly awesome. But looking at my wallet, I think I’d rather grow them, than buy them on a regular basis. Although I must confess, microgreens only cost hefty in this part of the world, back home these microgreens are regularly used.

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