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I’ll tell you what, I have a widowed aunt, who was practically married for only 2-4 years. She raised me up. In all of those years, when I stayed in with her, I never once saw her with a man. I never even thought it was unnatural. Hey, I was a late boomer myself.

But getting back to her, when I came off the age, where I couldn’t remove my head from men and such. I began to wonder, and openly ask, “do you not have needs?” she smiled and never said a thing.

I am still baffled.

So much have been the constraints of the society on this woman, that she practically gave up that one thing that makes all humans universally happy. I do not explain myself, and you can take whatever it is that you want to from my blog, and am not gonna do the usual “now I don’t recommend sleep around like a whore” (although, I just said it).

But honestly, wtf?

I have even asked my kinky-as-hell mother that why did no one ever thought about getting my aunt re-married or atleast encouraged her to date (wait a minute, who needs encouragement?). To which she, my mother, made an excuse saying you don’t know what all she reads. 

I am baffled again.

This apathy against another woman’s sexuality when you are a woman yourself?

Long back in high school, I had a very legitimate conversation about pornographic literature and the then us 16-year-olds concluded that it is indeed a legitimate way of pleasuring oneself if all else fails, or even to supplement the existing.

Let’s face it, those porn movies are made by men, for men, while a man could jerk of looking at a naked woman. A woman’s sexuality is different, and we need a story. Yes, that visual of your privates doesn’t really turn her on as much as a visual of her’s turn you on.

My most recent ex once said “why do you think that the things that turn you on, turn me on too?”

I think nobody could have summed up the difference in a man’s and a woman’s sexuality more simply (and innocently).

But back to my aunt, so here is my mum, who has in no way deprived herself of the pleasures of life was making a lame excuse for my aunt. It is like another woman’s sexuality does not even exist in a woman’s eyes. When we choose to ignore other women’s sexuality, and low and behold here comes my feminism out, we are letting men do that too.

And I want to leave right now with that parting thought.




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With all the political debates that go on in this country, USA. I fall short and fall on my face whenever someone puts in the god or the mom argument. So here we are trying to lay the fundamentals of something logical and we back it up with, “my mum says..” “god wants us to..” I mean those are generally the two guiding forces in most people’s lives, but I say leave your mum’s experience for your personal life, and even then I might add she won’t know it all. Yes she wants the best for us, but she’s not necessarily us or know first hand the people and the situations we deal with.

We have to come up with our own formula for every equation.

If they really existed, Jesus was a wild haired, earth roaming hippie. Buddha and Mahavira were family and society deserting individuals. Shiva used to smoke up and do the shiva dance-also had a crazy temper, Krishna never married Radha, Ganesha used to eat a lot, Muhammad had multiple wives, Hanuman was a monkey, Ram left Sita behind-after she stuck around for all the bad things that happened to him. But Ram also went and fought a war for his Sita, Hanuman was the most loyal, Muhammad gave the world the word of Allah and became a guiding force for many people, Ganesha was the best kid any parents could ask for, Krishna and Radha taught us how to love, Shiva sold us passion dedication and strength. Buddha and Mahavira came up with the eight fold path and the four lessons, respectively by attaining Nirvana/Moksha. And finally Jesus saved us.

I am not trying to bring their credibility down, but all am saying is, our “gods” gave up a lot to attain absoluteness.
And they were flawed, just like us.

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