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First of all I condemn all the celebrations that happened, this May 1st. And I really didn’t wanted to get on the wave of people dicing and celebrating Osama Bin Laden’s death. Not that I support what he did, yet one cannot overlook the fact that when we celebrate someone’s death, what are we really celebrating as a society? Please step back and look at the bigger picture here, how are we, placed in west coming across to the middle east right about now?

To make my point clearer, and lend some credible credibility I urge you to first see the following experiment, by Sam Richards:

Now, I am sure the whole internet is bombarded with Laden’s life story and everyone wants a scoop of this and that. Yet one must try and understand that, maybe just maybe he was Afghanistan’s martyr? maybe our “terrorist” was their “revolutionist”. What was a small land locked country like Afghanistan, which has been invaded first by the Soviets, then the Americans for half a century to do? They couldn’t have possibly gotten together an army and revolted against the great USA, so they shook the world, some ten years ago and ever since have been in the limelight.
How would you feel if some other people came into your house and took away all your liberties, and told you what to do with your resources and people?

My question is, where are we going with this… when we celebrate his death, aren’t we provoking yet again?


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