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Say someone came up to you, and told you, here get to know everything about your life, where will you be, whom will you end up with, what profession and even when your parent’s might die, about siblings, overall health and education. Gosh- I thought I would, I mean what is wrong in that? wouldn’t I have more stability in my life if I knew practically all the big things, leaving me time to understand and enjoy the smaller ones.

Infact I argued upon hearing this, that what if I go to this place, get to know everything about my life and do exactly the opposite, kinda like the butterfly effect or the chaos theory. I mean for instance, if this “naadi astrology” tells me that I will end up marrying guy xyz, I strategically remove myself from him ie if I know him, and if I don’t I never meet him-and see how life turns out to be. But that would ofcourse be crazy. And then there is a huge probability that all that they every say might not be true at all, I mean how can a bunch of palm leaves written in an ancient script tell me how life is going to turn out to be, right?

So I dialed the number, just for kicks.
A man answered “Hello..” a harsh manly voice
I asked him if this was the place in gurgaon and naadi astrology, to which he said yes and told me about the services, he explained to me how the oracles will take my thumb print and my name and match it up with some palm leaf. I am intrigued, I asked him what else can I know, he tells me everything. And then he says just let me know your last name. In the eastern world, usually the last names are common and hence you can’t really be traced on the basis of the same. I gave him mine, and made an appointment for the following tuesday.

But I never showed up, something in me told me that I really didn’t want to know everything about my life. I wanna take it as it comes, or thrown at my face. I did chicken out. I will take practically any life endangering risk, I am not afraid of roller coasters, even sky diving doesn give me nervous pangs but when it came to knowing everything about my own life, I just couldn’t do it. I guess we don’t play with life, and to be in the knowing is actually more difficult than being innocent of the truth.

I dun knw, am still thinking thou..


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the new 62 way bra has got me lusting after it!!

well, haven’t we come so far from the first bra that was made of a handkerchief in 1907, well the french among the other finer things also gave us bra, which originally means support (Merci!) I remember the days of trainer bras and then the introduction of the first real bra, urgh! Its like an inevitable thing, frankly I wasn’t a good receiver, I remember going to the extent of asking my mother for a duct tape to tape them so I would never need to wear a bra. Obviously it would have been painful if I ever tried. At a mere age of 13 bra-s are painful to little girls and a seemingly cause of delight among the boys.

But I guess, as we get older, we get used to the fact of living in them, I can’t imagine living without one. Although I have seen women walk around without bras and I feel not only its improper but also well weird. But thanks to brands like La senza, Victoria’s Secret and countless others, bras eventually become our best friends. Well my personal recommendation to every women, a VS biofit. There are other bras that are truly miraculous and promise and deliver adding up to two cup sizes (vollllaaaa…!) instantaneously. The 40-way Bra, heck the invisible bra! you name it, they have it, minimizers, maximizers … oh well

Gosh! the world is really obsessed with boobs!

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